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What are the different types of letters that my facility will receive related to improper payments?The letters the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) issues varies by whether an improper payment has been identified by automated or complex review. For automated reviews, providers will receive an informational letter. For complex reviews, providers will receive a medical record request letter and a review results letter. In the event that the review results letter contains a notification of improper payment, a demand letter will then be issued by the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC).
What do I do when I receive an informational or review results letter?You first review the informational or review results letter and Medicare Regulation to understand the improper payment determination. If you disagree with the improper payment determination, you may elect to file a Discussion Period with the RAC. You have 30 days to submit discussion material and supporting documentation to the RAC for review from the informational letter date for automated reviews and review results letter date for complex reviews. We strongly urge providers to submit all supporting documentation or information relating to a Discussion Period to the RAC within 30 days from date of receipt of the Information or Review Results letter.
Who issues the notification letter on Underpayment improper payments?The RACs will issue the Underpayment Notification Letters.
Who do I contact if I have a question or concern on a RAC improper payment?You would contact your RAC. For Region 4 (Cotiviti), you would contact the appropriate Provider Service number: Part A (877) 350-7992, Part B (877) 350-7993
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