Region 4 Information

Cotiviti designed RAC Info to assist providers in working more efficiently with the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program.
The website and provider portal allow the provider to obtain discussion and immediate offset forms, access Cotiviti RAC 4 provider portal and record submission guides, review CMS approved new issues, access RAC process FAQs and Cotiviti RAC 4 contact information, and log in to the Cotiviti RAC 4 provider portal.
The provider portal allows providers to track their medical record submissions and customize their contact information for medical record requests and improper payment letters.

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Contact Us:
Part A Providers, including Hospital, SNF Telephone: (877) 350-7992
Fax: (702) 240-5595
Part B Telephone: (877) 350-7993
Fax: (702) 240-5510
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Address Cotiviti RAC 4
C/O Cotiviti-8000
10701 S Riverfront Pkwy
PO Box 12005
South Jordan, UT 84095
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