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Toll Free Call Center Information
Part A Providers, including Hospital, SNF Telephone: (877) 350-7992
Fax: (702) 240-5595 
Part B Providers Telephone: (877) 350-7993
Fax: (702) 240-5510
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Discussion Fax #
Part A Providers, including Hospital, SNF Fax: (702) 240-5595
Part B Providers Fax: (702) 240-5510

MAC Contact Information

MAC Contact Information
Noridian Healthcare Solutions JF Jurisdiction F Part A Telephone: (877) 908-8431
JF Jurisdiction F Part B Telephone: (877) 908-8431

JE Jurisdiction E Part A Telephone: (855) 609-9960
JE Jurisdiction E Part B Telephone: (855) 609-9960
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Novitas Solutions JL Jurisdiction L Part A Telephone: (877) 235-8073
JL Jurisdiction L Part B Telephone: (877) 235-8073

Cotiviti RAC 4 Contact Information

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Address Cotiviti RAC 4
C/O Cotiviti-8000
66 East Wadsworth Park Drive
Box 12005
Draper, UT 84020

CMS Contact Information

CMS RAC Contact Information
CMS RAC Attention Region 4 Contracting Officer Representative

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